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Westfield Handyman

Welcome to the great town of Westfield - where we live! 

Westfield Handyman is owned and operated by the Kelly Family. In addition to being an expert handyman with 35 years experience, Mr. Kelly is a licensed home improvement contractor. Your local handyman should warranty, in black and white, his work for at least a year or reconsider hiring him, that's why we here at Westfield Handyman warranty our work for a minimum of 2 years.


Services include everything from demolition to finish work, including home remodeling and custom fabrication from our workshop in Clark.


Projects include custom woodwork, plastering, cement work, painting, installation of doors, mouldings, hardwood floors and cabinetry.

All our work comes with a minimum
2 year warranty NO EXCEPTIONS (labor & parts)
**Just ask the other guys how long their warranty is good for**
What to know


  • Great work using great products, backed by the best warranty in town.

  • Most projects require a brief house call with a free estimate that includes materials and labor.

  • Accurate estimates, including labor and materials.

  • We proudly serve Westfield, Scotch Plains, Clark and Cranford.

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Carpentry Services

 Repair it   Don't replace it

wix website pic 2.jpg
porch railing repair
porch column repair
window sill repair
wix website pic 5.jpg
wix website pic 1.jpg
cedar shakes repair
refinish front door
new deck flooring
wix website pic 3.jpg
wix website pic 4.jpg
rust removal-Bilco doors
foundation repair  
rescreen old porch
wix website pic 8.jpg
wix website pic 7.jpg
wix website website 6.jpg
rebuild cement stoop
porch floor repair
window trim repair
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Gerard Kelly

1744 Boulevard

Westfield, NJ 07090

Call or Text 908-209-0104

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 Questions to ask a Handyman



  • How many years will you warranty your work? (it has to be on paper)

  • Is the same handyman available year after year to revisit a problem or troubleshoot a part?

  • Will the handyman charge you for everyday items such as screws, nails, primer, etc. that any decent handyman would factor into his daily rate?


If a handyman is not able to answer all your questions upon visiting your home, that is usually an indicator of his inexperience. If your handyman is 30 years old, that could be your first clue.​




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